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Did you know that Facebook, GMail and YouTube have over 1 billion active users per month - each? And that Pinterest and Instagram have over 100 million monthly active users? Running ads on these platforms is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to grow your audience and increase monthly sales.  I use advanced audience targeting to ensure that your ads are only being shown to your ideal customer and target audience. I also specialize in audience retargeting so those who need more time to consider the options are reassured that your company is their best choice. 

PPC is similar to paid ads but is generally used specific to running ads on Google. PPC campaigns are often more complex and have several layers of targeting involved. I use careful keyword research and audience discovery to target the keywords your ideal customer is using to find your solution. If your ideal customer is searching for the exact solution you have to offer, you want to make sure you're showing up top of the list with a strong presence.



When a customer is in the process of making a purchasing decision, they'll often go to social media first and foremost to determine if you're the right choice. This is why keeping your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and company blog regularly updated with fresh content is so critical. This can be extremely time consuming, however, and distract you from the bigger picture aspects of growing your business. I will not only keep all your social media accounts updated with fresh content, I also use online software to watch trends and post strategic content designed to grow and engage your audience organically. See a case study here

While running ads and ranking #1 on Google are invaluable aspects of a strong campaign, most customers often need multiple touch points before making a purchasing decision. In essence, they need to be courted through the process. Email campaigns are an often overlooked aspect of online marketing, but are typically as profitable (if not more so) than runnning ads - and it doesn't cost a dime! This is why it's critical to capture emails of those who visit your site, follow-up, and offer upsells and promotions through email campaigns.

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Want to rank on the first page of Google organically? I can help with that. I've helped clients go from not ranking in the first 100 Google results to ranking on the first page in 3 months or less. It starts with thorough keyword research to ensure we're only targeting the highest ROI keywords. From there, I'll make several strategic tweaks to your website and content to  improve your Google rankings and expand your authority in your respective industry. With over 3.5 billion Google searches PER DAY, ranking on Google is crucial for online success.         

This is an often overlooked and underestimated aspect of a successful digital marketing campaign. Even with perfect audience target and on-point text ads, an online campaign simply will not be effective without quality content. I'm proficient in both graphic design and video production - two invaluable assets that will often cost you THOUSANDS of extra dollars per month. I want to see your campaign succeed and your business grow, which is why I include these critical aspects of online marketing as part of my services. See examples of my videos here and my designs here.


Running ads to your site is great to increase your authority and online presence - but if your site isn't optimized for conversions, you're going to miss out on countless sales and your marketing dollars will go to waste. That's why it's so critical to have a website that provides both a cohesive branding experience for the customer and makes it easy for potential customers to go from consideration to conversion. You also want to make sure that your site is optimized to collect visitors' emails, allowing you to follow-up with them at this crucial point in the conversion funnel.



Landing pages are a hot topic in the current online marketing realm. Landing pages offer several benefits, including the ability to improve consistency and relevancy in your ad campaign and optimizing conversion rate without having to redo your entire site every time you set up a new campaign. I've designed landing pages using Unbounce, Optimizely, and CickFunnels, all with great success.