Case Studies

Here are some success stories from campaigns I've run for my clients.


Facebook Ad High ROI Case Study

Costa Vida Month 1.JPG

I recently began working with Costa Vida Corporate as an independent social media marketing consultant. I go into their office several times a week to both work hand in hand with their marketing team and train their social media managers. I showed them how to set up ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram efficiently as well as brainstorm ideas for copy, creatives, and strategy to run their Black Friday - Cyber Monday gift card sales. As a result, their gift card sales increased a total of 4900% this year (from $12k in sales last year to $600k in sales this year). They invested about $2k in advertising. Few companies realize just how high the ROI potential of social media marketing really is! After just a couple weeks of training and direction, Costa Vida is absolutely killing it on social and only continuing to increase their loyal fan base and revenue. 

Facebook Traffic Case Study

La Belle Vie 12.19.JPG

This is a screenshot I recently took of a social media account I took over for a local salon & spa. These are the statistics from just one week of taking over. They went up to reaching around 7,500 highly targeted individuals PER WEEK. That's about 107,700% increase from what they were doing before. It wasn't that they weren't posting on Facebook and Instagram before me, it simply MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE to have your social media marketing run by a professional. Our packages start at $500 per month, making us much more affordable than hiring an in-house social media team. We do this day in and day out, providing us key insights into these constantly evolving social media platforms. We are very personal and available, allowing us to become a specialized extension of your team. Among several other factors, we are able to ramp up your social marketing efforts by:

1) analyzing data on how you audience is interacting with your posts

2) watching for trends and hot topics in your industry, and

3) designing custom graphics and videos for your business 

Website Traffic Case Study

HT Analytics.PNG
HT Analytics2.PNG

This is a recent Google Analytics screenshot for a client whose campaign I'm currently working on. I took over their campaign on October 30. One month later, by November 29, their web traffic had increased 805%. They went from having an average of 50 users per day to having an average of 750 users per day. I did this by defining and targeting their ideal customer, running relevant ads that would resonate with their audience, finding the locations online that their audience spends the majority of their time, producing viral-esque content, and running promotions from their social media account. 

Landing Page/Conversion Optimization Case Study

Here is an example of a successful boost in conversion rate optimization. This client started with a landing page that had a conversion rate of 0%. I made some changes and the succeeding landing page jumped to a conversion rate of 7%. Finally, the last landing page I made for them (after collecting all the previous data and analyzing certain trends in their audiences behavior) had a conversion rate of 33%. A jump from 0% to 33% conversion rate over the course of the month can have a HUGE impact on your company's success. 

Here's another example. Before I took over this client's campaign, they had an average of 4 or less lead form submissions per month. Once I came in and made a few key changes, they had 18 high-quality leads submit a form for more information. That's a 450% increase in 30 days. 

I did this by running remarketing ads using the Facebook pixel and sending them to a strategically designed landing page, which you can view here.

eCommerce Revenue Boost Case Study

This is another screenshot from an actual campaign I worked on earlier this year. After just 60 days on their campaign, their revenue increased from an average of $45k per month to an average of $110k per month. As you can see in the screenshot, a large portion of this came from their PPC campaign. By targeting specific keywords and creating a campaign built around relevancy and consistency, their monthly revenue nearly tripled in a 60 day period. 


Leslie Buzzsumo.PNG

Leslie Hofheins wasn't my paid client. She's a good friend of mine who I wanted to help out through offering free online marketing/exposure. I posted a blog post on her that had close to 1,000 shares in less than 24 hours. Several news stations picked up her story. In addition to being featured on live television, she was also invited to go on 3 different radio stations and was awarded a free professional photoshoot to highlight her amazing story.


Dr. Howell SEO.JPG

One last case study (I have several more just like this one). This is a client who had already done some basic optimiziation for Google rankings prior to my help but had not really put much focus here. As part of this dentist's social media package, we included basic SEO help. We helped him make minor tweaks on his websites and kept his social media profiles regularly updated with fresh, engaging content. Within 30 days, his rankings jumped and he is now ranking for the top "pediatric dentist"-related keywords in the area, including ranking in the 3rd position for "best kids dentist". 

There are people searching for what you have to offer every day. Ranking #1 on Google organically can have a HUGE impact on your company's growth and longterm success. I can help get you there.