VibeCrate - Find Your Vibe. It’s our motto. And it wasn’t picked haphazardly.

I started working out because I wanted to lose weight. My main motivation came from wanting to fit in in my town, where everyone walked around looking like a model straight from “Runner's World” magazine.

After gaining 30 pounds and feeling terrible about myself, I forced myself to count my calories and limit it to 1500 a day. I made myself run regularly and go to the gym when I could.

I stumbled and fumbled my way through those first five months of dieting and exercising. It was like watching a sad movie that’s not supposed to be a comedy, but is. I regularly went through the cycle of eating really well and then completely binge eating. I hated running and never seemed to get any better. Even after a few months, I still had to stop every mile to catch my breath.

I would think to myself “This is so hard. I hate this. Sure I did good today, but there’s no way I can stick to this long term. It’s too hard. I don’t have the willpower. I want ice cream.” Despite all of this, my weight declined little by little and, after five months, I had hit my goal of losing 20 pounds.

Fast forward to now, about 4 years after my journey began. I am completely 1000% hooked. I used to think to myself “I hate this. How can I keep this up?” Now, I think to myself “I love this. How can I ever quit?”

Fitness has become such a huge part of my life. It is my remedy for bad days. My inspiration ground. My passion. My confidence. My health. My friends. Even my family has bonded over fitness, one thing we’re all able to share in common.

It’s kind of ironic and obnoxious, but the six pack and muscles didn’t show up until after I switched from exercising because I had to to exercising because I found my passion.

And that’s what we mean when we say Find Your Vibe. We’re not like other supplement companies (for more reasons than one). We don’t use empty promises of rippling abs, lean waistlines, and Popeye biceps just to get you to buy our supplements - because that’s not what it’s about.

It’s about finding your vibe. It’s about finding your passion. It’s about finding that sweet spot where the right passion, nutrition, and lifestyle overlap perfectly and you can finally find out what you’re made of.

Whether it be cycling, hiking, kayaking, going to the gym, competing in OCR races, or bodybuilding that ends up igniting that passion in you, we want to help you find it. Because it’s not supplements or fad diets or forced 10-mile runs that produce long term results. It’s complete lifestyle transformations. And that can only occur when you find YOUR vibe, YOUR passion.

Which is why we offer custom supplements. Everyone has a different passion and lifestyle. And, naturally, the right supplement combo to amplify and compliment your lifestyle transformation should be unique to you.

Passion first. Complimentary supplements second. That’s the way it should be.

Whatever your vibe, find the right supplement formula to compliment it - with VibeCrate.