Hi, I'm Haley, CEO and founder of VibeCrate. In 2012, I graduated with my bachelor’s of science in nutrition. I spent the next 3 years working in the supplement industry. I was handed every new product that came to our shelves and was told to find peer-reviewed research to support its claims.

What I found left me shocked. Hardly any of the ingredients in these products had positive research to support them. In fact, most research concluded that these ingredients are ineffective - and likely harmful. In addition, the few ingredients that did have research to support their potential were often included in less than half the recommended dosages. Most shocking of all - retailers were charging consumers  astronomical prices to buy these under-dosed supplements filled with ineffective ingredients.

I went to work and got in touch with over 100 manufacturers around the globe asking to create a one-year supply of my own custom supplement. Every single one of them told me the same thing – “It’s just not possible.” Determined to solve this gaping void in the supplement industry, I founded VibeCrate. 

At VibeCrate, we’re finally transferring the power of supplement production from the hands of greedy retailers to the hands of consumers.

I collected and reviewed my 7 years of research in the field of supplementation, fitness, and nutrition and isolated the few ingredients that ACTUALLY work. I weeded out the fillers and ineffective compounds. I combed through the research to find the recommended dosage and ensure that every single one of our products delivers ideal potency. 

We collected these ingredients into themed packs that are designed to maximize weight loss, exercise performance, and muscle growth with perfect synergy. We also allow consumers to create their own custom packs based on individual goals and preferences. 

You can mix and match, increase and decrease dosages, try different combinations, and adjust your supplement formula to meet your unique needs and find your ideal sweet spot. You’re never tied down to just one formula.

We are so confident you'll love the freedom and benefits of customized supplementation that we stand behind our products 100% - which is why we offer the VibeCrate legendary guarantee. If you don't love it, we'll not only refund your full purchase price - we'll give you an extra $5 to find a supplement that may be a better fit. 

We're not just another supplement company - we're a complete game changer. VibeCrate is looking to shake up the industry with improved manufacturing and integrated technology. This is the beginning of an industry revolution - and we're just getting started.