12 Steps To Amplify Social Proof and Lower CPC on Facebook Ads

The “Enter Post ID” option is greatly underused and underestimated when it comes to Facebook Ads - ESPECIALLY when running any kind of A/B testing campaign or a campaign that is going to multiple audiences! Follow this 12 step tutorial to copy this weird little trick that will make a HUGE difference in the cost per click and performance of your Facebook Ads

  1. Set up your first ad set to your first audience with as many ads as you’d like. To learn how to set up an ad set, go here. To learn how to do audience targeting correctly, go here.

  2. Once your first ad set is all set up and published, go back into the Ad Set level and hit “Duplicate” underneath the name of your ad set. To learn more about Facebook Ad organization and navigation, go here. [[Remember, if you want to make it easier to find an Ad Set, go to the Campaign level first and click on the name of your new Campaign you just set up. When you do that, it will automatically take you into the Ad Set level with only the ad sets in that campaign visible. ]]

3. In the popup that shows up, select “Original Campaign”, set “Number of copies of each ad set” to 1, and hit “Duplicate”.

4. Exit out of that and hit “Close” in the popup that will appear. You want this to be saved as a draft for now.

Save Draft.JPG

5. Next, I like to open up a second tab. In the first tab, you want to open up Published Ad Set 1. In the second tab, open up Draft Ad Set. See Video Tutorial below.

6. Next, click on an ad. It doesn’t matter which ad you start with, you just want to make sure the same ad is open in both tabs. Click “Edit” underneath the ad in both tabs.

Edit Ad.JPG

7. In tab 1, click on the arrow box in the upper right hand corner. If a popup appears, just hit “Close”. Make sure the dropdown menu says “Desktop News Feed” and select “Facebook Post with Comments”.

See FB Post With Comments.JPG

8. Copy and paste the numbers at the end of the URL that opens up. This is the post ID.


9. Now go into tab 2 that has the same ad open. Switch from “Create Ad” to “Use Existing Post”.

10. Select “Enter Post ID”.

Use existing post.JPG

11. Paste the Post ID you copied from the original ad in Ad Set 1.

Paste Post ID.JPG

12. Contine to repeat down the list of ads. Make sure to keep track of which tab is Ad Set 1 and which tab is Ad Set 2. The goal is to make sure that all ads in Ad Set 2 are using the existing Post ID’s from Ad Set 1.

Keep in mind that you only need to do this process once. Once you have all of the ads in Ad Set 2 using the Existing Post ID’s from Ad Set 1, you can now duplicate Ad Set 2 as many times as you need without having to repeat this process. The “Existing Post ID” you entered will carry over each time your ad set is duplicated.

Happy Facebook-ing, Facebookers!

Haley FieldsComment